Can you find out if a tenant is sub-letting?

Yes, this is something we undertake on a regular basis, we would require all the information that you hold and we would suggest you apply a budget to work to.

Can you provide a service to see whether an individual / organisation is worth pursuing?

Yes, an instruction of this nature would require all information that you hold and we would suggest you apply a budget to work to.

Can you attend court and issue documents on our behalf?

Yes, all we require is the necessary court documents and the court fee in the form a cheque, payable to the court.

What does your fixed fee for process serving include up to?

Three visits to the property, a full report and necessary statement / affidavit of service.

Are you available out of office hours to accept urgent instructions?

Yes, please call 0844 846 0600  and this will divert to a member of staff.

Do you offer discount for bulk instructions?


Do you undertake instructions from personal individuals?

Yes, please call us on 0844 846 0600 to discuss your personal needs.

How quickly can you arrange service of court documents?

Service can be arranged immediately. We can receive documents by email, enabling us to print the documents and then leave office to serve. If original court documents need to be served we can arrange to attend your office or court, collect documents and then attend to attempting service.

How do I register?

You will be given a secure client log in with your own created password. If you need assistance then please click here.

Are all your services 100% legal?

Yes we never breach any regulations.

Will the person/organisation know they have being looked into?


Can a Bankruptcy Petition be left at the last known address?

A Bankruptcy Petition cannot just be left at the last known address.    We would attend the property on two occasions and attempt to confirm residency, thereafter a LOA would be sent, if debtor did not keep the appointment and we had confirmed he/she resided, a statement of attempted service would be prepared craving an order for sub-service.  This order would thereafter be made by the court and if sub-service was granted, we would be re-instructed to effect letter-box service of the Order.  This is the only time a Petition can be left.

Can your reports be used as evidence in court?


What is a Bankruptcy Petition?

bankruptcy petition is an application to the court for someone’s assets to be taken and sold to pay their debts. Presenting a petition can be complex. Most people use a solicitor or other professional to issue and thereafter would instruct a Process Server to effect service of the Petition.